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Operation Department

[Senior SEO Network Promotion] Job Responsibilities:

 Responsibilities :  1、According to the heat of keywords, make a reasonable and feasible keyword plan for the website;
 2、Research the algorithm update of Baidu Mobile and propose the adjustment plan in time.;  3、Track and analyze the effect of SEO, form periodic data report and propose follow-up optimization scheme. ;  4、Make use of all kinds of Internet resources to improve the company's website visits, registrations and dissemination effect, and make optimization suggestions to the website according to the rules of SEO.

 5、According to the characteristics of the website, help the manager of the promotion department to determine the goal of the website promotion and the promotion plan.

 Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, electronic commerce or computer related major is preferred;

2, 3 years or above experience in website promotion, familiar with the Internet industry, understand the basic knowledge of SEO, has its own set of SEO optimization techniques, experience in large-scale web site SEO is preferred;

3, proficient in search engine optimization, advertorial, exchange links, mail promotion, SNS promotion, Forum promotion and other special promotion;

Graphic Designer
[Graphic Design] Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in product template design, H5 page design, graphic design (album, poster, Banner, promotional DM, etc.);

2. Participate in the team to upgrade, innovate and enhance the user experience

3. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders;

4. Share design experience and promote team design ability.


1. Graduated from art-related majors, college or above, experience in advertising companies is preferred;

2. Have excellent aesthetic ability, good creative thinking ability and solid visual expression ability, can independently and quickly complete related work;

3. Have a keen sense of design touch, pay attention to and apply the latest design trends and styles;

4. Skillful use of AI, PS and other design software, can achieve basic animation effect output;


5. Love products, think actively for products, and put forward constructive suggestions;

[Cashier] Job responsibilities: 1. Responsible for daily revenue and expenditure management and checking;

2. Check the basic accounts of the office; 3. Be responsible for collecting and auditing the original vouchers to ensure the legality and accuracy of the reimbursement procedures and the original vouchers;

4. Be responsible for registering cash, keeping a diary of bank deposits and accurately entering the system, and compiling bank deposit balances on time.

5. To be responsible for the numbering, binding, preservation and filing of accounting vouchers.

6. Be responsible for issuing bills


1. College degree or above, major in accounting or financial management.

2. Experience is unlimited

3. Proficiency in ExceI Word and other office software

Office clerk
[Office Clerk]

Job responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the numbering, printing, typesetting and filing of all kinds of computer documents.

2. The compilation and arrangement of the report forms in order to better implement and implement the work;

3. Coordinating the reservation of conference rooms and rationally arranging the use of conference rooms;

4. Assist cleaners in the daily maintenance of public office area and conference room environment to ensure the neatness and orderliness of office area.

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the Department manager.




1. Good image, good temperament, 20-40 years old, female;


2. More than 1 year related working experience, secretarial, administrative and other related majors are preferred;


3. Familiar with office administration knowledge and working process, with basic business letter writing ability and strong written and oral expression ability;


4. Familiar with document writing format, skilled use of office software such as OFFICE;


5. Careful and conscientious work, strong sense of responsibility and integrity.

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