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COB small spacing LED display
The industry's first third generation COB display technology ( shockproof, anti - collision, moisture - proof, dustproof, front waterproof ), higher reliability ( extremely low unpacking failure rate,
LED small spacing display screen
Indoor full-color LED small-pitch display screen: It adopts gold ratio and can be easily assembled into 2K/4K/8K display screen. It truly realizes pixel-level fine display, creates golden visual field
LED Magic Series Small Spacing Display Screen
Indoor full-color LED small-pitch display screen: It adopts gold ratio and can easily assemble 2K/4K/8K display screen, truly realizing pixel-level fine display and creating golden visual field. Low b
Indoor LED Full Color Display Screen
The indoor full-color LED display screen is composed of a 32 - scan full-color surface-mounted three-in-one unit board, which is mainly formed by encapsulating a red LED chip, a green LED chip and a b
outdoor led display
The front of outdoor LED display screen adopts special heat-conducting potting silica gel, and the back is protected by spraying three-proof paint and double waterproof protection, so that the product
LED professional stage display screen
Super - large viewing angle, gold thread lamp tube: high-quality surface-mounted 2020 gold thread lamp tube is adopted, the viewing angle can reach more than 140 degrees, the multi-directional viewing
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