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Our products


LED small spacing display screen
Indoor full-color LED small-pitch display screen: It adopts gold ratio and can be easily assembled into 2K/4K/8K display screen. It truly realizes pixel-level fine display, creates golden visual field
COB small spacing LED display
The industry's first third generation COB display technology ( shockproof, anti - collision, moisture - proof, dustproof, front waterproof ), higher reliability ( extremely low unpacking failure rate,
LED Magic Series Small Spacing Display Screen
Indoor full-color LED small-pitch display screen: It adopts gold ratio and can easily assemble 2K/4K/8K display screen, truly realizing pixel-level fine display and creating golden visual field. Low b
LED professional stage display screen
Super - large viewing angle, gold thread lamp tube: high-quality surface-mounted 2020 gold thread lamp tube is adopted, the viewing angle can reach more than 140 degrees, the multi-directional viewing
LED traffic guidance display screen
LED traffic guidance display screen
Indoor LED Full Color Display Screen
The indoor full-color LED display screen is composed of a 32 - scan full-color surface-mounted three-in-one unit board, which is mainly formed by encapsulating a red LED chip, a green LED chip and a b
LED display billboard
LED display billboard
LED rental screen 500 * 500
This LED rental display ( 500mm×500mm ) is designed as a customized die-cast aluminum box, with light, thin and fast installation as its most important features.
LED rental screen 480 * 480
This LED rental display screen ( 480mm×480mm ) is a customized die-cast aluminum case design, with light, thin and fast installation as its most important features.
outdoor led display
The front of outdoor LED display screen adopts special heat-conducting potting silica gel, and the back is protected by spraying three-proof paint and double waterproof protection, so that the product
LED floor tile screen
LED floor tile screen PH5.2/PH6.25/PH8.9 Super bright LED lamp bead gold wire package and grade A raw material plastic package. Waterproof silica gel for high-end LED display screen. PCB adopts exclus
Enterprise Factory Style

Enterprise Factory Style


Our case

Our case


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 Beijing Anxin Hengfa Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by an operation team with senior industry and technical background. It is dedicated to providing and technical support for the overall solution of LED display screen, providing high quality and competitive solutions and services for system integrators, enterprises and consumers. The company has a professional product development, design team with many years of working experience in the LED industry and a high-quality, professional management team with rich management experience, so that it can quickly respond to customer needs, provide differentiated design, end-to-end system services, and help customers to succeed in business.
 Beijing Anxin Hengfa Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of LED display products to meet the market demand, including indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, small spacing LED display, full-color LED display, as well as special-shaped screen and other LED display product system design solutions, to provide customers with professional, first-class services. LED electronic display products are widely used in highway, finance, commerce, aviation, theatre, post office, factory, stadium, office building and many other fields, and have received unanimous praise from customers.  
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